The Hill-Side's 8th seasonal collection has just arrived, featuring the brand's signature ties, scarves, pocket squares, bandanas, bow ties, and brand new “small scarves" in a beautiful batch of fabrics woven in the US, Japan, Guatemala, and South Africa.

Highlights from the new collection include an awesome indigo discharge floral print fabric; an indigo polka dot fabric with alternating half- and full-discharge printed dots; an extremely soft, lightweight linen with an abstract floral print; a breathable, double-indigo “Panama cloth”; pop-art-inspired geometric floral prints; hand-woven striped Guatemalan fabrics; and a lighter, more loosely woven version of The Hill-Side’s custom "Old Virginia" fabric made by a small mom-and-pop operation in rural Virginia.

This season The Hill-Side also welcomes a new addition to the standard selvedge chambray fabrics that carry over each season: "Asagi-iro" Turquoise, a traditional Japanese color that was representative in the mid 1800s of a special group of samurai known as the Shinsengumi. Their “asagi-iro”-colored “haori” jackets were unique and useful for identification and visibility, standing in contrast to the traditional black, grey, and brown samurai uniforms.

As you may or may not know, Hickoree’s and The Hill-Side are brother brands. We share an office above the Hickoree’s Floor Two shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A lot of our staff does double duty, helping Hickoree’s customers while counting The Hill-Side inventory. We even share the same in-office kitchenette. This season, as always, Hickoree’s will stock every item in The Hill-Side’s new collection — all 176 of ‘em

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